Upgrade to 2.0.0p3 shows all sites not just my test site

I am testing the upgrade from version 1.6.0p18 to 2.0.0p3. In the past I have made a copy of my production site and ran the upgrade on the copy and worked out any issues in the test site. This has worked great in the past.

When I upgraded to 2.0.0p3 I followed this same process. Copied my production site to a new site called test and then upgraded the test site to 2.0.0p3. When I launch my newly upgraded test site I’m now seeing both the production site and test site hosts. So its seeing all of the sites running instead of being focused only on my test site. This has duplicated all of the hosts and services.

In previous versions I’ve not had this issue, it was only seeing the test site and not all sites. Is there a way to limit my test site to only displaying the test site and not my production site with version 2.0.0p3? So far I’ve not been able to find any documentation on this or a setting that I can change to focus only on my test site.

Hi @Mrochford ,

the two sites should be running completely independent from another.
Are you using a distributed setup in your prod environment ?
If the test site is an exact copy of the prod site, i don´t understand what you mean by “seeing both the production site and test site hosts”. These should be exactly the same.
To not double the monitoring traffic you may use the simulation mode, so you can test the upgrade without contacting your hosts.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Not sure how but there was a distributed connection setup to our production site. This has never happened in previous versions and we don’t use distributed monitoring. I deleted the connection and now only see the test site host and services as I would expect.