Upgrading check_mk from 1.2.8 to 1.6 version

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  1. I am looking for an upgrade procedure for check_Mk version 1.2.8 to 1.6 . Wanted to know the steps to upgrade and rollback.

Thank you

the Question is also would you like to upgrade the OS too ???

CRE or CEE version ?

As far as i know the rollback of a version 1.6 to a earlier version is not possible.

You always should have an actual backup before you are going to update your site.

That’s true.

tbh I would recommend a fresh install of your Checkmk server to prevent a big headache. :exploding_head:
But first export your data or make a backup to do a bulk import of your hosts.

Also take a look at the official guide. -> https://checkmk.com/cms_update.html#Downgrade%20–%20falling%20back%20to%20an%20old%20version

2.4. Downgrade – falling back to an old version

The process of switching back to an older version runs just like an update. To be precise, omd update does not care whether the target version is newer or older than the current version – thus you can switch ‘forwards’ or ‘backwards’ as desired.

Be aware however, that even if a downgrade to an older version functions wonderfully, an older Checkmk may not always be able to process data from newer versions. A new Checkmk-version may possibly store data and configurations in an extended format that an older version of the software may not understand.

Configurations which are managed in WATO may possibly be converted into a new format once WATO is in active use and can then store the configurations. As long as such actions have not yet occurred, a switch back to an earlier version is generally unproblematic.

Should you be uncertain whether it is necessary to fall back to an earlier version, we recommend to:

  • Perform a data backup BEFORE the update.
  • Take the time to test the new version before making alterations via WATO.

Yep, fresh install as your OS is probably getting further down the supported list so you may as well keep ahead… Once downloaded and installed, perform a full OMD backup of the old instance, copy to new host, restore to new host. I performed this recently both as a fresh install / migration and also P2V from an old physical host to a new VM. I was missing some RRD data but for me most importantly all my hosts, services and rules were all in place, even nagvis was still working!

Good luck!

If you do not want to do a fresh install you can copy your site and use the copy to test the upgrade. If everything went fine you can delete the old site.

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Virtual or physical system.
If virtual snapshots of full copy of the vm are the option for a rollback.