Upload a new mkp for a package i don't own


first post here so please have mercy :wink:

I create a new version of https://exchange.checkmk.com/p/qnap with this being my changelog atm.

Changelog 1.4.1

  • Edited qnap_fans so it can support more then 2 fans.
  • Added Wato Interface for qnap_fans and qnap_temp

Changelog 1.4

  • Original from Andre Eckstein, Christian Burmeister
  • Removed HDD check since this is covered by an built in check (qnap_disks) already
  • Made it checkmk 1.6 compatible

On the checkmk exchange site there is a link to github. However pull requests/issues are open for years so i doubt my changes would be reviewed there anytime soon.

So i am wondering what would be the preferred way to send in my changes?

thanks and best regards

I just found that the original creator GPLed it anyway (i also found his post here) so i just uploaded the new version to the exchange for review. :slight_smile: