Use Office365 for sending e-mails

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im very new in the world of check_mk. I started a litte weekend project to monitor my vps and its different docker containers. The configuration is finally done and the most important services are getting monitored.
I host my environment of check_mk inside a docker container (checkmk/check-mk-raw:2.0.0-latest). Now the important goal is to send e-mails to a mailbox inside of my office365 environment. I read about sendmail, but i think this will not work with my configuration. The docker-node is hosted as a vps-server. So therefor i need to send the mails directly to my office365 because i have no “internal” mailserver. Maybe im to stupid to find the correct article or maybe this is general not possible to use that.

Hope you can help me with this problem.
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Not tested, but could be possible.
By default, checkmk uses postfix as mta.

  • set postfix config outside of the container if possible (env vars should possible) as smarthost
  • set your smtp-server

Easiest setup should be option2 (direct send), microsoft offers 3 in summary… google helps…

Not secure etc. only for test… how i said, not self tested or try to set it up like this…


thanks for your reply. I know the Office365 SMTP-Servers but the problem is, i can not find where i have to config that in check_mk

Oh ok… in case you have configured your system mta, in checkmk you should setup a notification rule for html mails.

Have a look in Wato undet notification. If you need more, i could give you a sample from one of my sites tomorrow.

Maybe this will help a bit.

We have setup our checkmk on a full VM with postfix and webmin (web administration) where i can manage the postfix install, here i have SMTP options to forward to

I think a good look at postfix would be the way forward :slight_smile:

Notifcation Email

And a contact email under “The following explicit email addresses”