User created dashboards not visible by Admin user

Hi ,

Wanted to know if there is a way to view/manage user created dashboards by the admin user ?
I assumed Admin would be having this access by default but it doesn’t seem so .
So is this something that should be done while first creating the dashboard or can this be changed later as well?
I did find the file in the /data/omd/sites/master/var/check_mk/web/user_abc/, would it be a good idea to make changes directly to it ? Adding a user to the owner field ?

'owner': 'user_abc',

check MK version :- Enterprise 1.6.0p20

Any help would be much appreciated !

Yes you can - if you show all dashboards you also see the user defined dashboards.
To view this you can set it manually to public and if you have not one with the same name then you see the dashboard defined by the user. Other way ist you can clone this user dashboard for yourself and view it.
Manage - you can only delete it i think or clone it.

Short answer - No
Only if you know exactly what you do. :slight_smile:


Yes , followed those steps and was able to see the details of the dashboards but not the actual Dashboard . But that makes sense cause they are built on custom views . Cloning is a good option , will try that .
Thanks a lot