Using get_value_store()

Hello, I’m trying to develop some .py that need to compare or calculate different values in a certain period of time. And I’m having some difficulties using the API more precisely the get_value_store().

One of the formulas I want to develop is the growth rate in percentage and then in integers like the file growth, for example: (Current value - Previous value) / Previous value * 100

To collect the Previous Value I was trying to use get_value_store() but I didn’t understand the concept, do I have to define a function in another file and then call it with the parameter get_value_store() to collect the current value and do the calculation?
When I save the value, how will I get it? How is the data saved?


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from the Plugin API coc

Get the value store for the current service from Checkmk

The returned value store object can be used to persist values between different check executions. It is a MutableMapping, so it can be used just like a dictionary.

Return type
MutableMapping[str, Any]

so you can use it like this:

from cmk.base.plugins.agent_based.agent_based_api.v1 import (

def check_your_check_function(section):
    current_value = section.current_value  # or where ever your current value comes from

    persistent_values = get_value_store()  # load value store for this service
    if not persistent_values.get('previous_value'):   # check if this the first run
        persistent_values['previous_value'] = current_value  # save value for next run
        previous_value = None
        previous_value = persistent_values['previous_value']   # load previos value from store
        persistent_values['previous_value'] = current_value     # svae current value for next run

   # do your calucaltions ....

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I would write this block as

previous_value = persistent_values.get('previous_value')
persistent_values['previous_value'] = current_value

There is no if needed as get() returns None when the key is not in the dict. And the second assignment is in both branches of the if.