I activated the veeam backup agent. It seems to work the backup infos are not overgiven as piggyback but appear all under the backupserver. What am I doing wrong?

Under the backup server you only see the overall job status.
Take a look at the folder “~/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/” and look for the host names your Veeam are reporting. It is possible that the piggyback names are different then your host names inside the monitoring.
If this is the case you have the possibility to do some rule based renaming with “Hostname translation for piggybacked hosts” rule.

Thanks for your reply. I already checked that before posting and found no corresponding data in the piggyback-folder and a piggyback-translation rule also exist.

Then we need to look at the agent output from your Veeam plugin.
How does it look like?

Upgrading to latest checkmk version solved the problem.

Thanks for your help

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