Veritas Cluster Server & Solaris 10 - Doable?

I’m working on becoming more and more familiar with the check_mk plugin system. One that I’m trying to figure out in specific is Veritas Cluster Server, and not in a traditional usage pattern either.

I’m trying to implement the Veritas Cluster Server check on a Solaris server in our environment. According to the check_mk page, the check only works in Linux, but the commands/location/everything are the same on the Solaris box as they would be on an equivalent Linux server.

When I attempt to add the check, check_mk complains that it’s missing the plugin “veritas_vcs”. I do not see this plug in anywhere on the check_mk server, but I do see that lines for veritas_vcs are embedded in the check_mk_agent script that runs on the Linux client.

In order to try and make this check “Solaris compatible”, would I just need to copy/paste the lines from the linux check_mk_agent into the Solaris check_mk_agent and re-run it to see what happens, or is there a file I should be dropping into /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins that I am just not seeing somewhere?


yes, copying and pasting the lines from the Linux agent should work fine in the Solaris one. Try it out and let us know what happens :slightly_smiling_face:


Learned a lot in the past couple of hours, and should add some extra context too!

We’re currently using 1.5p16, but the agent I was using was 1.5p9 based on when we first rolled this out to the environment as a whole. When I first copied the lines into the check_mk_agent we had there, pretty much at the end of the file (past the “ps” section), it never even ran.

We discovered a syntax error just before that which was causing the entire script to fail at that point and was also causing us not to get a good chunk of tests! When we updated the script to a “factory” 1.5p16, it worked, and then when we added the VCS cluster lines in question to the end of that script we also saw output in check_mk. Big step in the right direction.

This has exposed a new error though. On check_mk_discovery, under the host --> WATO --> Save & Go To Services (performing a discovery), I get this error:

Service discovery failed for this host: Got invalid data:
local variable ‘cluster_name’ referenced before assignment

Retry discovery while ignoring this error (Result might be incomplete).

Any idea what to make of this error? I don’t see any sort of cluster_name variable in the agent script.

A better view of that error:

OMD[bo3master]:~$ cmk --debug -vv --check-discovery
Updating IPv4 DNS cache for

    [agent] No persisted sections loaded
    [agent] Not using cache (Does not exist)
    [agent] Execute data source
    [agent] Connecting via TCP to (5.0s timeout)
    [agent] Reading data from agent
    [agent] Write data to cache file /omd/sites/bo3master/tmp/check_mk/cache/
    [piggyback] No persisted sections loaded
    [piggyback] Execute data source
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/bin/cmk”, line 96, in
    exit_status =, a, opts, args)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/modes/”, line 80, in call
    return mode.handler_function(*handler_args)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/modes/”, line 1412, in mode_check_discovery
    return discovery.check_discovery(hostname, ipaddress=None)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 81, in wrapped_check_func
    status, infotexts, long_infotexts, perfdata = check_func(hostname, *args, **kwargs)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 322, in check_discovery
    services = _get_host_services(hostname, ipaddress, sources, multi_host_sections, on_error=“raise”)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 1018, in _get_host_services
    return _get_node_services(hostname, ipaddress, sources, multi_host_sections, on_error)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 1023, in _get_node_services
    services = _get_discovered_services(hostname, ipaddress, sources, multi_host_sections, on_error)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 1061, in _get_discovered_services
    new_items = _discover_services(hostname, ipaddress, sources, multi_host_sections, on_error)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 715, in _discover_services
    for item, paramstring in _execute_discovery(multi_host_sections, hostname, ipaddress, check_plugin_name, on_error):
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 914, in _execute_discovery
    check_plugin_name, for_discovery=True)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 146, in get_section_content
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 204, in _get_section_content
    section_content = self._update_with_parse_function(section_content, section_name)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 299, in _update_with_parse_function
    return parse_function(section_content)
    File “/omd/sites/bo3master/share/check_mk/checks/veritas_vcs”, line 167, in parse_veritas_vcs
    section.setdefault(item_name, []).append(Vcs(node, attr, value, cluster_name))
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘cluster_name’ referenced before assignment

… and another bit of info. In the agent check itself, I had to fix one line for our particular Solaris clusters: I changed:

Blockquotevcshost=$(hostname | cut -d. -f1)



This cluster uses FQDN’s for the names.

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