Visualize Check_MK {host|service} problem dashboard in Grafana dashboard

I found some hints in an archived thread about using Thruk and GrafanaThruk datasource plugin.
(metrics is working in mk enterprise version, so that is not an issue)
Using check-mk-enterprise-2.0.0b3.demo-el7-38.x86_64 I can successfully connect via Thruk 2.40 and I can see statuses like /alerts, /thruk/ but out of the box it’s pretty hard to create a useful dashboard in terms of a problem panel so I wonder if someone else has succeded in creating useful Grafana dashboards with mk as datasource? Grafana has gained such momentum for a reason in visualization and we’ve manage to integrate every possible system except for MK so far. In comparison there are quite a few available dashboards for Zabbix, for example gives good information. Server info is less interesting but status like is what we strive for.
Thanks in advance …

Graph wise, I’ve used this: with cmk (back then I was using raw).

But, realize that since rrdcache is in play, to get things to update, something has to flush it.

There are some efficiencies in Checkmk that people take for granted.

Personally, I find Grafana to be incredibly outdated. YMMV.

Hi johan,

with CheckMK Raw from 2.0 or CheckMK Enterprise Edition 1.6 you can use this I use it with 1.6 CEE and it works really good.

This is not what he want. This datasource only fetches metrics but no status data.
The livestatus interface from Thruk to Grafana is the only one i know what gives raw livestatus information like “Service ok” or “Host down”. This can be then used inside Grafana to show the system status like you do it with the normal CMK dashboards.

Oh ok. Sorry than this was a missunderstanding. Sorry for that.

If this is useful, is another question :slight_smile:
My own opinion is also, Grafana is only to show the boss a nice colorful picture without much information.


Anyone have something on this? Did TS solve this somehow?

Do we really need to add another step and create a new DB with status info.

I tried the Thruk integration and got some data but I never had the time to scrape something useful out of the data. Metrics works fine though without Thruk.