Warn/Crit not changing after creating rule

CMK version: 1.5.0p11
OS version: Ubuntu 18.04

Error message: So I’ve created a rule for the “Patch state” check which defaults to (warn/crit 45/90), and have overridden it to (45/3652). However, the checks are still saying CRIT ... (warn/crit 45/90) . This is even after I’ve rescheduled the active checks on them.

When I dig into a particular alert, I can see that the Parameters page, the “Type of Check” field is pointing to that overriding rule (it says Rule 1 in Main Directory), however, from what I see above, it is not getting applied.

What must I do to have these CRIT alerts changed to WARN alerts per the parameters I set above in the Rule override?


is there another rule that overrides the one you created?
Can u provide some screenshots that show the rules?

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I actually had not applied my changes. Sorry for the rookie mistake. Everything looks to be OK now.

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