Web-api - missing functions


the web api seems to miss some functions . . .

  • show all available services (get_all_services)

  • show all services for a host (get_services_by_host).

  • possibility to filter get_all_hosts by tags or folders (at the moment it is possible to simply get all hosts and then filter the output string using jq, which produces a lot of network traffic)

These are all features of the Multisite API. You can query any Multisite view with filters set and output_format=python added to the URL.

The documentation is a little bit hidden away: https://checkmk.com/cms_legacy_multisite_automation.html


Thanks for the quick reply @r.sander

It’s though not possible to query services using that multisite api, or is it?

Thanks in advance.

There are multiple views that show a list of services, either all or for a specific host for example.

In that case, it solved my question.