Welcome to the Checkmk Community Forum

Hello Checkmk Community,

For years we have taken advantage of the simplicity and convenience of mailing lists to stay connected with the community. Our community has grown so much now and the use of mailing list sadly cannot meet the demands brought by our number and the changing needs of our members. The time has come for us to move on. But we’re moving on for the better :wink:

We welcome you to the new Checkmk Community Forum running on Discourse, a modern, open source discussion platform. The decision to move to Discourse came from community feedback to have a more organized way to stay connected with the community that can also be customized into each individual’s needs.

Here are some features you can take advantage of:

Categories + Custom Notifications

Now we can organize discussions into its respective categories. You can also choose to only follow categories you care about with the customizable notification features. You’ll only receive e-mail notifications about discussions you care about.
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Marking as Solution

When asking for help, it is helpful to recognize those who helped you find a solution. You can do this by marking a reply to your post as the solution. This can also help other people who encounter the same problem. This feature is available only on the General and Troubleshooting categories.

Voting on a Feature Request

We have a Feature Request category where you can share your ideas on what should be on Checkmk next. The community can vote on the feature request so the development team can consider these features.

Anonymous Mode

If you want to participate in the forum without exposing your identity, it’s now possible with the Anonymous Mode. Use this with caution, as any abusive behavior will still cause your account to be banned.

And many more…

We’re continuously improving how we organize our community and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions to improve our forum. Feel free to head over to the Meta category and share your thoughts.

Happy monitoring!