What does the agent installation script do?

We have had issues with installing the checkmk on our server, where it installed a copy of php and a copy of apache on a server that already had apache and php (through aapanel), as well as updated a completely unrelated software, causing us to spend 10 hours fixing everything.

As such, we decided to run checkmk on a separate server.
However, we still need to install the checkmk agent on servers that have existing software. We do not want the installation script to wreak havoc again.

What exactly does the agent script install, what is the risk that we run by installing it?


Hi @TalkingIsland,

the mentioned php and apache packages are only needed by the monitoring server not by the agents. Depending on your distribution the agent mostly don’t need additional software to run.

It’s always a good idea to not install your central monitoring site beside another software because depending on the number of hosts and services and your chosen edition the load of the monitoring could become quite heavy (especially the I/O for historical data).

For a deeper dive into the agent architecture you can take a look at the documentation.


I doubt it’s the “installation script”, but just the normal package dependencies. At least on Debian. And you can and should review them prior to installation.