Where are MAC addresses stored in Checkmk Raw Edition?

CMK version: 2.1.0p11
OS version: Windows 10 (using Docker container for CMK)

I have searched and searched and am unable to find where Checkmk stores MAC addresses for hosts.

I am monitoring non-server devices that have no operating systems; only standalone devices such as switches, routers, radios, and cameras. I have all of these devices’ MAC addresses recorded in a spreadsheet but can’t seem to import them via CSV with the rest of the hosts’ data.

Does Checkmk discover and record the MAC addresses later? Can they be imported via CSV or another method? Is it even important? Seems like an odd oversight for this data to be missing or hidden from the default UI.

Please don’t say the MAC addresses can be found in “HW/SW Inventory” because there is literally nothing there, and I’m not using agents for scanning any of these non-server devices. Am I just taking the wrong approach? Going crazy here.

Why should CMK collect and store MAC’s?
What you can do is the following.

  • fetch all the HW/SW inventory data for the interfaces
  • inside this data you find all the MAC’s one device has (that could be many)

Thanks for your reply.

Are there any instructions on executing a HW/SW inventory? When I go there I see nothing about any of my configured hosts; here’s a screenshot:

(Please keep in mind I’m on the Raw Edition and not using any installed agents.)

have a look at the manual:



Not sure why you want a MONITORING system that works on L3 to store L2 information, that seems to be crazy?

Even if you find that information in HW/SW inventory what should you do with that information?

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