Where do I put the ohm executabe and dll if manually installing?

We use outside configuration management rather than the bakery under CEE. It says you can manually deploy ohm … but the documentation doesn’t say where to put the files. Where do they go?

Answering my own question. Put both the .dll and the .exe in ProgramData\checkmk\agent\bin.

Restart the service.

On VMs, you’ll just get a bunch of zeroes for “Clock cpuX Core #”, “Power cpuX Cores”, “Power cpuX DRAM”, “Power cpuX Package”, “Power cpuX Graphics”… in other words, you may not want to install it on VMs.

Useful on physical boxes though. But a bit less so on “enterprise” servers where physical drives are behind RAID controllers. With that said, those boxes usually have “ways” of monitoring that might be just as good as OpenHardwareMonitor. Up to you.

Before close, just want to add that OpenHardwareMonitor is a pretty intrusive piece of code. Just my opinion, but for security reasons, I would not install it, even the one that comes with Checkmk.

One question from my side. What type of hardware do you use that you need the OpenHardwareMonitor?
Until now i found no machine where i don’t have any type of hardware agent.

Certainly what I discovered as well. IMHO, ohm would only be of interest if monitoring some desktop style hosts.

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