Which user is executing the CheckMK agent and local checks/scripts?


I’m trying to monitor some Active Directory attributes on my DC and wrote a local check for that (%PROGRAMDATA%\checkmk\agent\local). But my counters are just empty in CheckMK.
Local execution via PowerShell is working. So it looks like a privilege problem for me.

Which user is executing my script in case of the CheckMK agent? Is it the system user?

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Have you tried to run “check_mk_agent test” and see if get desired output ?
Yes, normally is system user (Local system).


Thanks for your reply @ricardoftribeiro!

I get an output in the “local” section but the values are just 0’s…

Without seeing your script is dificult to say.
Try to change the user who runs the agent in the “services.msc” and see if the result gets any different.


Damn, my script was wrong…
Works now :slight_smile:

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