Who has created a rule


Is there a way to see who created a rule or host, etc., and when?
In the Audit log I only see, that the user has done something.



you can use the rule search to find this information. Type in the hostname and you get all rules for this host.
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Hello Christian,

if I use Setup → General → Rule search I find the rules for this host, but not who has created the rule


Hi @Fsys,

this is not possible at the moment. There is an information box where you can add such information to a rule but there is no automatically auditing.
You can vote at the following link for this function, thanks @CFriedrich.


I just opened the feature request because of this post :smiley:

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I thought so. Nice idea to bring this to a vote.

I just see that it works in version 2.
Unfortunately, the information is not taken from the 1.6 version, so it don’t help me:(

Edit rule → rule → Audit log

You can install git on the checkmk server and then enable git in the global settings. Checkmk will then commit any change into a git repo in $OMD_ROOT/etc/check_mk. There you will see changes made in git log for example or git blame for each config file.

I recommend to also enable pretty-printing of config files in the global settings.


But can you tell the user in git? I though the commits are always with the siteuser?

The author of the git commit is the logged in checkmk account, not the site user.


Nevertheless it would be more user friendly to see such Infos directly in a rule :slight_smile: