Windows - File locked?

Hi guys.
Does check_mk has a way of checking if a file is being used? locked?
(Windows server)


Not that i know. It is possible that these can only be done with some extra script as local check or plugin.

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Great, i just needed confirmation.


Hi @gera83,

built something that is still a work in progress - or rather, I’m not sure how/what would make it work in all kinds of situations but maybe it helps?
win_openfiles-0.8.mkp (4.9 KB)
Extract of mkp info:

List open files using the windows “openfiles” command
let’s you define a list of regex patterns, if any file matches the list of patterns, an alert is created
the duration of the file lock is not available, so use checkmk delay/max check attempts to regulate
incl. Bakery and Plugin :slight_smile:

  • maybe built a discovery rule to split this check by paths? currently all paths are treated within one service
  • use the value_store of check to somehow keep track of lock duration?

Attention: absolutely no warranty or guaranty of when/if possible bugs can be fixed :slight_smile:

Hey gstolz!!
Thanks for your answer.

No mean to disrespect your check, but “openfiles” only monitors opened files through network. Shares.
I was looking for another thing.

It’s ok, i already write a powershell local check, using the popular OpenedFilesView from Nirsoft.
Works beautifully.


ah ok, I misunderstood the issue then :slight_smile:
Feel free to share your local check, someone will find this thread in the future and be super happy.