Windows License Monitoring Period

I want to run the Windows License Monitoring Service to run only in a period of 2 days. I have tried to configure the Normal check interval for service with 2 days and service name as “Windows License$”. But still it is getting checked in the default time period.

Any help on this?

That’s correct, you need to configure the plugin on the target machine to run as a cached plugin with 2 days cache time.

The plugin mk_inventory is doing the acitivity in an interval of 1 day. How it is working? It is not a cached plugin.

Also the Windows License Service should be Service Monitoring Rule right? What is Enforced Service for Windows License

Basically my question is how to configure Normal check interval for service checks for services? How can I find a service is passive or active. Everything with respect to Windows

Enabled caching. Still no help. Every 1 minute it is fetching data
Please see the conf done below

    - pattern     : '$CUSTOM_PLUGINS_PATH$\win_license.bat'   # Plugin name. * and ? are allowed
      run         : yes                  # do not run plugin even if found
      async       : yes                 
      timeout     : 120                 
      cache_age   : 172800

This script has a own logic inside as the transferred data is not real cached data. It is persistent data. The script creates a timestamp file and looks at execution (every minute) if the timestamp is old enough to run again.

You see if the service is active or passive with the icon behind the service.
Yellow - active
Black - passive
Grey - cached (cached is every time also passive)

Do you mean you see data in the agent output every minute? That’s correct, cached checks have a header with the time of execution and the valid time in seconds


<<<foobar:cached (1431431239:86400)>>>

Thanks for the information