Windows Performance Counters Ruleset

Hi everyone!

I have an interesting effect:

When using the ruleset Windows Performance-Counter Objects it looks like the rules are not additive but rather cancel each other out. Meaning I have a rule A in main directory and rule B in a sub directory. For hosts matching rule B rule A is never applied.

Does anyone have the same issue or can comment on whether that is a expected behavior?

As @r.sander pointed out, my issue is expected behavior. Although I think this is kind of weird considering many other rule sets allow this additive approach. Maybe there are good technical reasons this works like that, but if that is not the case:

My feature idea is plain and simple that this rule set can be used in a additive fashion, so rules can be defined on different folders and the host gets the sum of all the rules.

The ruleset itself states:

Matching: The first matching rule defines the parameter.

Well, that’s embarrassing . Thanks for the reading aid! :wink: