Xclarity plugin and FAN speed

I’m using xclarity plugin for monitoring of my Lenovo Servers and I have issue FAN Speed montoring.
I have values returned as below

So i created FAN rule service (I assigned Explicit host)

But It doesn’t work, still critical alerts.
Something special must done ?? I have simillar rule for other device (Qnap) and it’s working - difference is that QNAP is using SNMP , and lenovo special agent - xclarity

Thank You.

As i made the xClarity special agent, i would say something.
The value you got looks like a percentage and not like rpm.
Can you sent the agent output as a PM to my user?

Inside the check i have not different handling for percentage and rpm.
This needs to be made, but for this your agent output is needed.

A new version is available that respects if there is percent or rpm.
At the moment there is only the problem that it is only using the levels from the device directly.
It is not possible to define your own levels. That is than the next step on my roadmap.

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