Your feedback is needed: Checkmk Feature Pack 2

Dear community,

Our second Checkmk Feature Pack will be released this month! :tada: The feature pack consists of plugins to enhance your Checkmk installation and is optional. Your feedback is important to us, so we want to share the content of it with the community first.

The MKPs are available for download at the Checkmk Exchange and you can see all of them here . Please try them out and give any feedback you have.

Here are the links to each plugin:

We will be testing and collecting feedback until the 18th of May. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply here. :slight_smile:

We look forward to your feedback. Happy monitoring!


Hi Faye,

Great to have these plugins back-ported to 1.6 and released as feature packs now. After seeing it at the conference I’ve tried the Prometheus integration in the 1.7 dev build, but couldn’t get it to work.

Now that’s it’s released, does it come with any documentation on how to set it up? Because I can’t find any documentation on the subject in the official guide.



Yay, will definitely try out the redis plugin for my nextcloud!

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Hi Antal,

The documentation is expected to be released next week. Will update this thread as soon as we have it live! :grinning:

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Would be good if the Cisco ASA plugin is not released in this version as it needs a little bit of revision.
Someone from the team should compare this with the other Cisco plugins available on the exchange.
It is also possible to contact me directly for some clarification. :wink:

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Hi to all,

in the CMK Exchange are at the moment two check packags to mointor Cisco ASA VPN sessions.

Cisco ASA VPN monitoring

Monitor Cisco ASA VPN sessions

Is there are any chance to merge them?

The later one gives more system information (active, peack, system max), and the output is at least in my opinion more streamlined.



thank you for looking at the Cisco ASA VPN monitoring stuff. Concerning the feature pack 2, we unfortunately do not have enough time any more to consider any merges, so for the fp2, the code for the Cisco VPN monitoring will stay as it is.

However, that being said, we would be happy to consider a merge in the future. For that, please create a pull request on our checkmk github. If you do so, please mention my name there and I will happily look into it.


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please see my comment above, I really encourage you to put up a pull request.

Hi Jörg,

the pull request is done :wink:


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The Prometheus documentation can be found here now:

Available both in German and English

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I saw in the documentation for the Prometheus Integration, on the node exporter there should be also a section for network interfaces / traffic along to CPU, Disk and Filesystems by default in 1.7. I haven’t that in mind before, sorry.

Hi All,

I just tested the Redis plugin and made the following pull request:


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Is there a way to use the Prometheus Check with a URL like


Has anyone been able to work with the new prometheus plugin? I’ve installed it on version 1.6.0.p12 which came with prometheus-1.0.mkp, but on enabling kube-state-metrics a full scan fails with an error.

 Starting job...
  [special_prometheus] Execute data source
  [special_prometheus] ERROR: Agent exited with code 1: 'with_cpu_limits'

  [piggyback] Execute data source
No piggyback files for 'prometheus-server.prometheus.svc.cluster.local'. Skip processing.
No piggyback files for ''. Skip processing.

I did an “mkp remove prometheus” and installed the latest version 1.1 from the exchange site, but the error persists.

I then updated check_mk to 1.6.0p13, no changes.

We’re running prometheus v2.18.1.

If we don’t use kube-state-metrics and we use the node exporter or cAdvisor the scan works ok.

Provided info I can troubleshoot this more thoroughly.

Also, I’m not sure about this, but it seems the node-exporter is cycling in round robin fashion through all the kubernetes nodes when getting CPU and memory info.


Hi Makuba,

this option will be available in the next patch for the 1.6 and per default in the 1.7 version.

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