Yum plugin help required

#mkp show yum
Package file: /omd/sites/cbg1_unix/var/check_mk/packages/yum
Name: yum
Version: 2.3.2
Packaged on Checkmk Version: 2.0.0p15
Required Checkmk Version: 2.0.0
Valid until Checkmk version: No version limitation
Title: YUM Update Check
Author: Henri Wahl
Download-URL: Releases · HenriWahl/checkmk-agent-plugin-yum · GitHub
Files: agent_based(0) agents(1) alert_handlers(0) bin(0) checkman(1) checks(1) doc(0) inventory(0) lib(2) locales(0) mibs(0) notifications(0) pnp-templates(0) web(2)
Checks for updates on RPM-based distributions via yum.

I have installed yum plugin on my checkmk server, what are the changes required at client end so that
yum updated will be monitored on checkmk ?

There are two components here: Agent plugin + Check plugin. Has the agent plugin installed on the target host ?


You should copy the yum agent plugin from the installation to the client server. Put it in /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins and make sure it’s excecutable.

Then do a rescan of the services on your client and you should see the yum check appear.

For Ubuntu there is this Agent Plugin called “APT normal and security updates (linux)” that you can include and distribute with the Agent Bakery + agent automatic update functionality.

Is there a similar thing for rpm based systems like redhat?