2023 October Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

Hello Community!

October is over! It is time for the newest Community Bulletin.

Short overview of October news

Ideas Portal

We changed the way we treat old Feature requests, and had a call to discuss those changes. Take a look at the overview in this thread: Feature portal update

Micro Surveys:

Updates from @thohenstatt on the user surveys that allow us to improve Checkmk’s UX:

News from Checkmk Team

If you want to stay updated with all the events we attend and much more, please follow our soial media:


:trophy: New Community Helpers

We have a new Community Helper! Thank you @Tom201023, it is always great to see new people joining the community of helpers!

Please do not forget to mark the message that helped you resolved your issue as a Solution! It is extremely important for others to understand that the question is resolved and it also shows the appreciation to the author of the solution


Episode 52: Configuring SAML authentication in Checkmk

As always, it is great to see you all being active in the community and being patient and supportive even in the most tricky topics.
Grateful to be part of the community and,

wishing you a great November,