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  • The article should be in English. If you are more comfortable in German, we can translate it into English for you. For languages other than German, unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to translate them right now.
  • Articles should be open for comments and possibly edits after publishing. The community will be welcome to discuss and there’s a possibility that you might have to edit your article.
  • The tone of voice should be like how you would talk to fellow community members: friendly, fun and respectful. Please do not speak ill about anyone or any opinion.
  • Please avoid sales promotion of your product or company and any recruitment. :wink:
  • Please avoid any mention of personal information
  • If you don’t want your name to be mentioned, we can post it for you.

Possible Topics

  • Best practices and practical tips
  • How you configured Checkmk to suit your use case
  • Helpful info for beginners