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Help on errors encountered and fixing your configuration

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Most of the users who help here are part of our awesome volunteer community. Please be polite and don’t forget to say thanks :wink:

This category is for helping each other on troubleshooting problems.
:white_check_mark: If you’re starting out, check the Beginner’s Guide first
:white_check_mark: Browse the Official Guide first to check if there’s a solution there
:white_check_mark: If applicable, mention the article on the Official Guide that you were following
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:white_check_mark: Share logs/error messages and screenshots
:white_check_mark: Use the preformatted text format for code and logs for better readability
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:x: Asking a very vague question (e.g. I want to use Checkmk, pls help me thx)
:x: One-line posts. Please try to be polite. (e.g. How to monitor Docker? [end of post])
:x: Abusive language and unhelpful criticism (e.g. ranting). It’s okay to be dissatisfied and get impatient, but please make it reasonable.
:x: Spamming
:x: Aggressively demanding for answers. If your problem is very critical, please contact a staff member during working hours (CET) .

Post Template

Here is the post template that you can use to make your issue clearer to everyone. Just edit out the sample placeholder texts.

CMK version : CMK version here
OS version : Sample OS 16.0

Error message : Sample error message

If it is an problem with checks or plugins output of “cmk --debug -vvn hostname” : Sample output

Description of the problem : Insert description here