Add year to timestamp in archive

Scrolling in the Archive is nice, but it should be nice, if the timestamp of the post includes the year, because I have to move the mouse on top of the date to see the year of the post.

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Hi @Rendanic, thanks for bringing this up!
When there is no year on posts, it means it was posted this year. If not this year, you will see the year signaled by an apostrophe:
(14 April 2019 & Dec 2018)

We’ll also look into making this better, so far I haven’t seen an easy fix via the admin settings.


Hi Faye,
I didn’t saw the difference with “’” in the date. It’s easy to overlook this small detail - especially as a visually impaired like me.
It could be fine to add the year, because the difference is really small and only user with some experience of the forum will see the difference.

Thanks for the feedback.

Also, displaying years with only two digits is so … last century? :wink:
With four digits, the number is immediately recognisable as the year.
Not sure however, if the display style can easily be changed. Thanks for looking into this!

Hi @Rendanic and, changes have been made. Was easier than I first thought :laughing: Thanks for the suggestion!

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