ADM Application Dependency Management

Discovery and automation of application dependencies to see impacts and all other dependencies about the hosts and services with others. To be able and to show the impact analysis.

Example the combination of Checkmk and BMC Discovery/ADDM.
This means to extend the HW/SW inventory, automate the analysis for the dependencies, show it in a corresponding GUI and further to automate the monitoring of such impacts and dependencies via rules.

Kind of an automated Business Intelligence?


Yes, like that but much more intelligent and automated.
BI is very analog instead of digital and dynamic.
We’ve to thing of the future of Spring Boot, container and micro services which are highly dynamic.
These mechanisms has to be discovered, monitored and showed for impact analysis.

in my opinion you should use a tool that is specially designed for this job.
If possible export result in prometheus / grafana and use check-mk only for displaying everything in one view.
Or if possible use a check to monitore the results stored in the tool.

this is in my opinion not really true. You can build your BI’s fully dynamic with regex and co. You just have to implement enough standards. With these standards you can do whatever you want and build your monitoring dynamically.

To do something like that please take a look at the BI guide ->

I understand that this is a lot of intial work and it can be frustrating to implement but you only have to do this once and then you profit from it and everything new automatically fits into place.

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