After 1.6 CEE to 2.1.0 CEE, scheduled service downtimes while they exist, don't seem to do anything

I can see the downtimes being scheduled by our rule (a weekly down for 1 hour of a service), but this week, first after upgrading, we got alerts and not message about downtime even though you can see the downtimes in Scheduled Downtimes. We have another coming this Friday, I touched the rules (again wouldnt’ think that would be necessary since they are already showing up in Scheduled Downtimes).

I’ll reply on this after Friday, if the scheduled downtimes for the service is still not happening.

unfortunately, that is a known bug. I will check the state of that tomorrow.
To verfiy that, you can run cmk --dump-state > cmk_dump_state.txt and grep for the downtimes.
The unixtimestamp there will be in UTC and not based on your local time zone.


Has there been any update on this? I recently upgraded to 2.1.0p15 and am seeing this.