Agent configuration


i am stocking with a simple thing.

Setup → Agents → Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX]

i have different Agents configuration for different server (like hyperV) or a group of servers.

I want to create a new Agent configuration for a new Server to create a Agent for the installation (MSI Packet)

I am stocking on this… How i can create a new Agent configuration ?

Version 2.0.0p3

Thank in advanced.

which cmk Version are you using?

CMK Version 2.0.0p3 as written

raw or enterprise?
How many systems do you plan to monitor.


We have just a view Server to monitor. All of them are configured and monitored.
We got another hypeV Server where i have to add it so want to create a new Agent configurtion for this server.
May it is just a small step which is missing and i do not see it. There are a lot of documentation but i do not find my way.

If the rules in the bakery are setup and include the host you want to build a package for, you just need to press bake and sign to let the bakery build new packages for your hosts.

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Normally a new agent will be build if new rules are configured and one is valid for this host only.
Is the host shown in the bakery? If not build clients once first.

i added the server in the host configuration and adjusted the Agent rules.
clone the hyperV rule and modified with the new hyperV host.
i downloaded the *.msi file and installed the 2.0 agent on the server.

Test: Agent is reachable.
But in the monitoring the host is there but no values. So i am going to register the 2.0 agent.

c:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service>.\check_mk_agent.exe updater register

    You must install Agent Updater Python plugin to use the updater with parameters 'register'.
    To install the plugin you may use the Bakery.
    Another possibility is copy Agent Updater file manually into the plugins directory

In 1.6 all was included or i did something wrong ?

there is an update plugin.
Have a look in the rules. I have no access to a cmk server in the moment