Agent output windows

hi all,

its possible to save the Check_MK agent output to file on Windows?
When I use telnet the output is not readble!!
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I guess the main reason for this is that the Windows telnet client is very bad (to put it mildly). Try and install MobaXterm. That will give you a proper telnet client.

Just start a local terminal and

telnet localhost 6556

will work fine.


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thanks for your answer @louis, I use on *nix cURL and it works very good.
But telnet dont run alltimes until the end and the output is really very bad…

see the manual:

thanks, I want the output from e.g. PC2 remote server, because of that I want use something simillar and its windows :frowning:

The telnet client in MobaXterm is actually the one from Cygwin. That’s why it works. Like I said, the Windows telnet client is a piece of j*nk.


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Ah, so you don’t have access to the Windows machine?
You can also download the agent output from the checkmk server. There’s an icon [Download agent output] for each host, by default in the action menu.


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you are so right @louis , the telnet in MobaXterm works better than the winodws one :+1:, its possible to download/extraxt only the telnet from MobaXterm?

I dont have the host in check_mk, I want send the export file via email to check_mk server and add it as a host.

Hmmm, you mean running the MobaXterm telnet client stand-alone? Never tried that. But I found something that may do the trick.

MobaXterm.exe <script_file> -exitwhendone

tells MobaXterm to run a the script (in UNIX format) and exit when done. If you redirect the output of your telnet command to /drivers/<drive letter>/<wherever you want to save>, that may do the trick for you.

More info on MobaXterm command line here:

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thank you so much, Ill try that :+1: