Android/IOS Check_mk client


I work as DEVOPS and I think your product is great.
He helps me a lot in my work. I always know the current status of my infrastructure.
But I did not have enough control over the infrastructure from my mobile phone.

Now I have created an app for this without ads and absolutely free.

I’m looking for like-minded people to develop the application.

[](Mobile client for the your Check_MK-server.)

IOS version will be released in September.

Open for cooperation.


Hi, Not sure if you are aware but there is a mobile interface available

Just replace with in http link. Its based on jquery mobile and should work on all mobile OS supported by this framework.
If I find the time I will have a look at your development.


Thanks for the info.
I did not know it. :sweat_smile:
I am always glad to receive feedback.
By the way, an application may have more options than a mobile design. Provided the application is improved. :slight_smile:

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I find the app very interesting. I’ve always wanted to do it once … never gotten around to it. It’s time to delete it from my todo list :-).


Hi, is the source code of the app open?

I think that as I finish the version for IOS, I will make a public repository.
flutter source code.

as planned, the IOS version is already available here.

feedback is welcome.


Hi all,

@d.aksenov: would it be possible to implement an option for SSL connections? We configured our check_mk server with a self-signed certificate and are able to config easyNag on our iPhones that way (by using HTTPS and accepting any SSL certificate). As there are no push notifications in easyNag (therefore we don’t use this app) we really would like to check out your application.


yes that’s not a problem.
I’ll add this option to disable certificate validation with the next update.
But the notification pop-ups in IOS are not as good as you would like.

That’s great! Could you please say little more about how push notifications work in your check_mk app?

I am using local notifications. The application polls the server in the background for new events.
When app working in the background, IOS imitates a number of nuances depending on the version.
But I already understand how and what I have to change so that everything works the way I want. :sweat_smile:


I tried your app and is working great but we want to improve the alert system to have something like anag. ( repeat notification until ack or silence + alert if we cannot reach checkMK )

Can you share the code ( android only ) on git ?

I plan to prepare a project for git in about a week. I am the finalized version. I will add comments to the code.


Hi everyone.
here is the project itself.

everyone is welcome.
I will tidy up the code.
But now I’m overloaded with work and I didn’t manage to prepare the code.

Please let me know in a PM who wants to take part in the development, I will set up access to the project.

Hi Dmytro,

I’m very interested in your Code, but I only find some SQL stuff?

Kind regards,


hi René,
thanks for the feedback
no clean code yet sorry
look here

Future dataconnect(String postData) async {


I am trying to get your app to work on my android.
Internet connectivity is OK, but it will not connect to check_mk somehow.
When i use a browser (on my phone) it nicely switches to Mobile mode using the same url.

Is there some way I can get into the details why it is not connecting properly?

Hi @d.aksenov,

is there any news on the update mentioned earlier in this thread?

hi @jma
Unfortunately, the updates are still review and have not been published.
I hope that I will receive a Christmas present as a positive review.


thanks for the feedback!