Another citrix_farm.ps1 thread

checkmk 2.0p20
citrix 1912 ltsr

I searched for topics related to this plugin and I seem to be doing everything correctly.
steps taken:
-Copy the cirtix_farm.ps1 to programdata\checkmk\agent\plugins on the citrix controller.
-Installed the citrix 6.5 sdk for the Citrix.Common.Commands snapin.
-Run the service as computer admin + citrix admin.
-Restart the service.
-Scan for services on the check_mk console.

Nothing shows up, I opened ISE on the server with the service user and run the script, the output seems fine.

So everything seems correct by I’m not getting any input in the check_mk console.

Is there anything I need to config on the check_mk side or anything else I missed?

Thanks for your help