Any interests in Grandstream GWN76XX WiFi AP monitoring

Hi guys,

I got some new Grandstream GWN7630 APs for my SOHO and will/want to create some extended checks for these nice devices with most information possible.

Still not sure if I should only create a special agent gathering data from GWN API or if some SNMP checks are needed, too, as well as I’ve currently no knowledge if APs must be contacted directly or if it’s possible to “just” contact the GWN manager host in order to get information about all APs contained (uitlizing piggyback feature, you know)…

If you’re interested in monitoring yGrandstream GWN, I’d be pleased to hear your ideas here in this topic - and maybe you could also act as tester during development, before it’s published at

I currently have GWN manager/firmware in latest version and that will be the tested version for me. CMK version will be 2.0.

I’m sure one or the other of you is using these APs, missing something in monitoring, so let’s get those things monitored together!

Hope to hear from you,
Marsellus W.