APC rack-PDU temperature sensor

I ran across
[Check_mk (english)] check for APC rack-PDU temperature sensors
but the .mkp itself doesn’t seem to exist any more (clicking on the link from the forum post yields an Error 403, going directly to Tom’s github page shows all of his other work, but this specific .mpk check doesn’t exist). Also, vanilla 1.6.0p7 RAW doesn’t seem to detect the temperature sensors connected to our APC PDUs

Does anyone know what happened to this check? Is it compatible with 1.6? My programming skills are limited, but if someone has a copy of the old check, I certainly take a look and see if I could get it working again.



we have some PDUs in our setup and its working just fine. The update to 1.6p14 (we use CEE but it should be the same with CRE) has a bugfix for correct bank numbering, besides this, it works like a charm since several months now.

BR Thomas

Hi @OnionTreat,

Sry, seen this post too late. I expected this temperature info to be included by default and therefore removed package from github. Just recreated und uploaded:



Seems to not work with 2.0p18…

I am amazed that CMK has not included the temp/humidity functionality into their default checks. Do you know if you are still supporting this check @ttr ?

@CarlON24 my infrastructure checkmk are still awaiting upgrade from 1.x, which was planned to be done by early last year but is is postponed indefinitely :worried:
This check is planned to be migrated as well as all the other ones I am using, but I cannot tell when this will happen.