API error: Cannot resolve hostname into IP address in the output boxes of Connection tests

CMK version: 2.0.0p22
OS version: RHEL 7

Error message:
When the Connection tests are run, the following message is displayed in every output box

API Error:Error running automation call <tt>diag-host</tt> (exit code 2), error: <pre>Cannot resolve hostname XXXXX into IP address

The hostname has no IP address because is configured to run a script located in ~/local/bin.
The output of the script is correct and its checks are running properly.

Output of “cmk --debug -vvn hostname”:
No error message is printed.

P.D: this site has been recently updated from 1.6.0p28 to 2.0.0p22

If the host has no IP address you can set the address family to “No IP” in the host’s properties.

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That is what is configured: No IP

Given that a DataSource rule (in CheckMK 1.x but now in ChecKMK 2.x is known as Individual program call instead of agent access rule) is properly configured to pretend the script being an agent, should not the script output be shown in the Agent output box?

Why that behaviour, found in versions 1.x, has been removed?

I understand the other output boxes (PING, SNMP) would display a message like “No IP configured”.