April Community Bulletin

Dear Checkmk Community,

In this edition of our monthly community bulletin, we have some important updates affecting the community that we would like to share with you.

For those celebrating, we wish you a happy easter! :rabbit:

:newspaper: Updates

Checkmk Conference #7: Registrations are now open!

The most awaited gathering of Checkmk enthusiasts is back for 2021!

After last year’s Conference #6 had to take place digitally, we also have to host Conference #7 on the 15th & 16th of June as an online-only event. This time, we have designed the schedule to also suit participants joining from outside of Europe. We are also offering a more flexible set of packages. More info here.

PR reviews on GitHub will be reduced

Thanks to all community members who contributed to our GitHub repo throughout the years! We appreciate how community contributions on GitHub grew and it just shows how passionate the community is about Checkmk.

We have unfortunately come to a point where we don’t have enough resources to take care of all the PRs created. As you may know, tribe29 is still a lean team (~60 employees overall) and with the workload that came with Checkmk 2.0, it was deemed necessary to reduce the time spent on reviewing PRs.

That means, we can at the moment only consider pure bugfixes. Thus, any new pull request which is not a pure bugfix will be closed. For cases related to new check plugins, agent plugins, special agents or notification plugins, please consider uploading them as packages to the Checkmk Exchange.

We will update you as soon as possible whenever we have the capacity to bring our PR reviewing cadence back to normal. We appreciate your patience and understanding of the matter.

Community Call Recording

On the 18th of March, we held a community call to talk about the new Checkmk version. We talked about the main themes of Checkmk 2.0 and the major improvements that come with the new version. A total of ~140 people on Zoom and YouTube attended the event! Here’s the link to the video recording in case you missed it.

:mega: Shout-outs

Thanks to the following community members for their contributions this month!

:trophy: New User of the Month

This badge is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.


:trophy: New Community Helpers

Community members whose reply got marked as a solution for the first time. Welcome aboard!

:trophy: New Community Ally

Community member who have provided 25 replies that has been marked as a solution

:computer: GitHub Contributors

Contributors whose PR got merged/included in the commit on the Checkmk GitHub repo last month. Also included are PRs that were not directly merged, but an action was taken by someone from tribe29 to apply the PR (e.g. creating internal tickets)

gradecke: Port checkpoint_connections to api v1.0
Noles: ActiveCheck check_mail - Fix message cleanup
thl-cmk: moves cisco_asa_failover to the new check API
Dennis-Q: Add support for Delta InsightPower UPS
@Jiuka: Fix Logwatch groups
Notausstieg0309: WATO Tags: fix exception when changing an existing tag ID
stefani: Update mk_cups_queues
lynara: added vibrate only to pushover sound choices
m3rlinux: Add detection of not running instances
Rendanic: oracle_instance: more version details for Oracle 18c+

:electric_plug: Published Packages on the Exchange

These are the people who have contributed packages to the Exchange that got published last month

@jiuka: Checkmk extension for Phion-MIB / Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Dell RacpPDU SNMP Checks for Cechkmk, Check x509 CRL freshness

cycmueller: check Altaro Backup, check_adaptec

@ricardoftribeiro: Mirth Agent

DavideDG: Twilio Voice Notifications

lgbff: monitoring keepalived via SNMP

@r.sander: Data to Label, AudioCode Gateway

dwing: APC UPS plugin via apcaccess