Are there plans to add Pure Storage as a supported vendor?

They are not listed as a supported storage vendor on Flexible storage monitoring with Checkmk page, this comes as a surprise given how popular Pure has been among the on-premise folks in recent years.

Are there plans to natively support monitoring Pure arrays within Check_MK?

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If you want, you can test my first version of a Pure FA special agent and the associated checks.

Pay attention that you need to install the ‚Äúpurestorage‚ÄĚ Python library inside your site with ‚Äúpip3 install purestorage‚ÄĚ.
I had no time to build this special agent without this lib.

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Without promising anything, we are currently looking into natively supporting this.
Keep an eye on the Werks.

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@andreas-doehler I pulled the mkp you added to github, works great against a X20R3 on Purity//FA 6.3.6.

Are there plans to modify parameters in WATO? Two of the readings are giving out false positives…

WARN Pure PSU CH0.PWR0 206.00 V (warn/crit below 210.00 V/190.00 V)
WARN Pure PSU CH0.PWR1 207.00 V (warn/crit below 210.00 V/190.00 V)

For now I can just write a ignore rule, but curious if there is a way to modify the warn/crit?

@robin.gierse will keep an eye out for werks, for now @andreas-doehler plugin works and could be lay out the foundation for the natively supported feature :slight_smile:

If you can sent the agent output as PM i will have a look at the data and what i can do.

Sent you a PM, thanks!