August Community Bulletin

Dear Checkmk Community,

Greetings from sunny Munich :sunny:! We’re back again for our monthly bulletin featuring remarkable contributions from community members in the previous month.
Please join me in thanking them for their efforts! :clap:

Note: you might have noticed that we ‘skipped’ a month, the bulletin’s name will now be according to the month it’s released and not the month when the contributions happened :wink:

:postal_horn: Top Forum Responders

These are the people with the most number of replies in the forum last month. They are our heroes who help our community members with their monitoring setup!

:medal_sports: New Community Ally

People who have provided 25 replies that has been marked as a solution

:medal_sports: New Community Problem Solver

People who have provided 5 replies that has been marked as a solution

:handshake: New Community Helpers

People who got their first reply to be marked as a solution last month. Welcome aboard!

:computer: Code Contributors

Contributors whose PR got merged on the Checkmk GitHub repo






:electric_plug: Published Packages on the Exchange

These are the people who have contributed packages to the Exchange that got published last month

@r.sander: Proxmox Provisioned Storage Space
ImTheLucKyOne: EMC Unity Package
@simonm: RobotMK
@wittmannthom: Cisco ASA VPN L2L Special Agent

Thank you so much for your contributions! We are truly grateful for you being active in sharing your time and skills with the community!