Automatic disk space cleanup - How does it work?


When I run manually the diskspace -v, it reports nothing has been deleted.
But when I use find to look for RRD files older than 30 days, it reports more than 10,000.

What are abandoned host files?
For instance, a Linux file system changed its mount point directory. Therefore its check name had to be changed from fs_/old to fs_/new and their old RRD files are still found. Is that an example abandoned host file?

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These are autocheck files for not existing hosts. As an example.

If you enable the inline help and select the three options you will get a good description what every option does.

From the inline help about “Cleanup abandoned host files older than”
The performance data (RRDs) and HW/SW inventory archive are never deleted during host deletion. They are only deleted automatically when you enable this option and after the configured period.

That also means your mount point RRDs are not removed only if you delete the host and then after the configured period.