Automatic Network Topology

Hi all,

Is there an automated network topology plug in foreseen in the near future?
A plug in that discovers network devices and finds the links between them and display them in a topology.

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Hi Guy!

Recently the team introduced a new feature portal – it is the best place to suggest something or see if it was already suggested :slight_smile:

At the moment there is no such plugin/extension existing.
But i have done the last week a little bit of hacking.
Result is a “interactive” d3.js view on the data collected with CMK HW/SW inventory.
Used addons are

The collected data then was processed with one Python script that resulted in JSON data for the d3.js.

Result looks like this.

You see there are some devices without link. There are some problems collecting the neighbor data if you use port channels between the switches or you have devices between these that you cannot monitor.