Availability Timeline - Improvements/Suggestions


As we invested some issues we stumbled across some parts of the Availability Timeline, which can get very time consuming / annoying and can be easily improved to make it more useable, get quicker results and get a better user experiance

  1. Make rows wider
    In the example you can see that column “Last known summary” is stagged.
    You can also see that half of the screen ist still empty
    (and yes, even with the sidebar there is plenty of space)
    Last known Summary (here details of a Process monitored), you want to compare details quickly
    Much different if each event has 5 lines for it self comapred to one for example

  2. Make Timeline wider
    As you can see in the example, its super dense.
    Now the problem is, normally you hover with the mouse over the timeline and it points you to the event.
    If its getting more and more dense like in this example, its skipping many of the events in the timeline when you hover over it - as it seems the mouse cant catch the different states
    The same here - There is plenty of space to use!

  3. Sorting
    As in “nearly” all “parts/areas” you can sort tables. Apparently here you can’t
    Take Duration here for example which you wanna sort to find the longest events quickly

Of course its arguable why you want to sort some of the columns, but there are some which will be very helpfull if you could sort them - as right now you need to go a couple of extra miles to get what you need, as your only chance is, to export to CSV, open with another tool, add filters and then start sorting. (with some visual disadvantages - short it costs you lots of extra time outside CMK)
The following are for sure helpful to sort and analyse much quicker your outage without wasting time with other tools

  • Duration
  • Last known Summary
  • Last known Detail



There is a new way to propose general features like this one: https://features.checkmk.com/
Maybe you can find the time to put the idea in there and see, what the community thinks about it.
If it gets enough attention, it might be implemented.

Hi Robin, well aware - thank you.

Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Thomas mentioned he will transfer all from the Forum?

Anyway, still dont understand what difference it should make compared to what you sold us at the Conference some years ago when you introduced this section of the Forum - except a different plattform.
Intention was the same - highest votes “might” (thats still the best part) get implemented - and what did we see at the end? More or less nothing, not even proper moderation or discussion from Tribe29 side

And I already have 3 scenarios in my head where at the end, votes will not count or will get a blocked for different reasons…

But time will tell - lets see


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