Aws elb piggyback data disapear from time to time

Hi All

I just started to monitoring AWS with checkmk and the most things worked fine.

I have piggyback data for some ELBs and I created Hosts for them. Now the Problem…

The service discovery told me thats there are data for two services:

  • AWS/ApplicationELB Connections
  • AWS/ApplicationELB Statistics

When I add them as monitored services I get the error

AWS/ApplicationELB Statistics … UNKN - Item not found in agent output

from time to time.

I guess its because there is at hte moment no real load on this ELBs. Is there a way to “ignore” if this data is not there every time?

So long

This sounds like a similar problem i had with data from Azure. The Azure checks are extended with the behavior that missing data don’t lead to an UNKN state but that the service goes stale.

Would be great if the AWS checks get this extension too.