AWS RDS db is full, but checkm is showing that everything is fine


I managed to add AWS monitoring to my checkmk, it was quite easy. Well done!

I just added monitoring for only RDS, nothing else and I monitor only those instances which has checkmk=yes tag.

Now I have a problem when DB is full, checkmk shows that everything is fine:

What I do wrong and how to lunch alert if INFO has Status “storage-full” or not “Status: available”? What is best practice for monitoring RDS? What am I missing?

Thank you!

What do you mean here? Can you define full with some more information ?

DB run out of space:

Sorry for the late reply.
In the RDS Info, we do display that it is “storage-full” but do not do anything about it as the purpose of the check is to just display information. At the moment, no threshold can be configured as well.

That is most important alert for me, I had several cases when I run out of space(lol). So would be nice if you can add such feature. Or at least make it not ok in case of “storage-full”.

Are there any way to do it now with current functionality that it will become in alert state(red), just purely looking for “storage-full” string?

I can think of a “Service state translation” rule. In case you want to either map a state determined by a check to another state or want to rewrite the status detail of a check result, you can use this rule.

Hi! I’m quite a new with checkmk, do you have more tips how to do that? Quick google by “Service state translation”, doesn’t return too much relevant info…

Thank you!