Azure Configuration - is there a limitation on the number of resource groups that are discoverable

I am trying to setup some checks in Azure. I am using version 1.6.0p7. I know my basic setup is correct, because when i setup my datasource program rule and leave all of the “Retrieve information About” settings unchecked it seems to discover around the first 40 or so of the resource groups in my subscription (there are a couple of hundred in total). As I am lot really looking to discover resources from all my resource groups thats not a big deal, but when i do look filter to specific groups in the “Retrieve information About” section - using the explicitly specified groups settings, i can only seem to discover from that same group of about the first 40 resource groups.

Is this a hard limit or some sort of timeout that happens during discovery? Or is there a log i should be looking at for this?

Take a look at your piggyback folder to make sure you have all the RG or not. (~/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/)


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There are definitely Resource groups that should be in the piggyback folder that are not.

I do have the same issue: number of groups found is limited and specifying explicit resource group name, not in that list, results in no resource group monitored at all.

Thus I do believe that the Azure agent has a limit implicit by the RestAPI request or explicit.