Azure integration is showing [piggyback] missing data warnings

I am trying to implement Azure integration in check mk enterprise version 2.1.0p16.cee but couldn’t get anything in the service discovery. I have used find_piggy_orphans script but couldn’t see any resources that are in the Azure. I did follow the documentation but couldn’t find enough troubleshooting.

If you followed the documentation, you should one dummy host the Azure special agent.
Is the check_mk service working there without error message?
You can have a look at this host on the command line with

cmk -D dummy_host_name

Hi @andreas-doehler
I didn’t get Azure special agent. Check_MK service says [piggyback] Missing data warning.
Here is the output of the host with
cmk -D mc-azure

I don’t know how to get the piggyback data of Azure resources.

Agent Mode = No Agent. This is the reason.
You need to select API integration in the host properties and try if it works.