Beginner questions SNMP and web interface

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed checkmk the last few days and tried it out for the first time. So far I like the software very much, but now I still have one or two questions.

I have set up a few hosts once for a while (Lancom router, Debian Agent, Sophos Firewall). It struck me that only very few services are found on the devices, e.g. with the Lancom router 5 points. Even after a full check it won’t work anymore. What do I have to do to get more sensors? Is there a configuration error on my part?

And then I would be interested in whether it is also possible to switch the web interface to German here, if so with which commands would that be possible?

Thanks in advance


Hello zickzack1111,

You can set the interface to German for each user individually.

Click the wrench icon :hammer_and_wrench: in the lower left:


And then select German as preferred language:


Save the settings and reload the whole page (else you might face mixed language settings).


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This will only work if you use the Enterprise edition.

For the question with the found services on your devices.
This depends on the type of device and the already included checks inside CMK.
Debian agent should show all the important Linux services. Lancom and Sophos should show as a minimum the “SNMP Info”, “Uptime” and some “Interface” checks.
If you need more things checked like VPN or some other firewall specific things then you need to look if these devices are supported with special checks.
For Sophos devices there should be the complete hardware status available. On Sophos devices it is also possible to use the Linux CMK agent called with SSH.
Sometime ago there was a question like this for Sophos - [Check_mk (english)] Sophos XG