BI aggregations are not showing the host name of the services


I created a BI aggregation which shows the tree as usual but host names of the services are not displayed


The official BI guide contains both snapshot types – ones showing ONLY the service name, others showing the host name followed by the service name.

How can I get the hostname displayed?

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I think it depends on the type of aggregation - single host or not.
Is your aggregation over more than one host. The screenshot is a bit to small to see the real aggregation.
This is from the aggregation example and you see as this is a single host aggregation it only shows the host name on top.

This aggregation is now over more than one host and you see the host name before every entry.


Yes, it is the same host.

Is there any way to force the hostname to be displayed?

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I don’t think so, as it is a “single” host it should be enough to see the host name at the root of this aggregation.


Try this:

In my case it will shows the Host and then the service in one line.

I use variables to be flexible in the use of such rules so the name of the rule is a variable and as well service name which is a regex definition
Let us know.

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The problem here is, is it a single host aggregation or not.
For single host aggregations the host name is only shown at the top of the aggregation as only on host is included. Now you can say i select every time that the aggregation is not a single host one but this has an performance impact in very big systems.