BUG: Check_Mk 2.0.0.p22 no longer sends performance metrics to carbon/influx

After upgrading 4 different instances to 2.0.0.p22 today, all of them stopped sending perf metrics to influxdb/carbon. This is very unfortunate. The setting is there in Global Settings, however no metrics are sent. Could this be releated to Do not create Carbon data if no connection is configured ? Any pointers appreciated…

Hi, we will investigate this and come back to you!


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You are correct. As a workaround, you can add one or more of “State”, “Scheduled downtime depth”, and “Acknowledged” to the rule “Setup > Services > Service monitoring rules > Send metrics to Graphite/InfluxDB” and the data will be sent once more. There should be a fix in the next few days.


Werk 13906 should fix the issue.


Hi @espenmy, the fix has been released today with 2.0.0p23. :slight_smile:

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After upgrading to 2.1.0 today, the issue is back. I get metrics, however hostname etc is not part of the metric…

To elaborate, the checks get hostname = the name of the check, and not the name of the host e.g:

Where the SERIES previously looked like this in carbon:


They all come in now as