BUG: CMK Exchange - Unable to upload mkp packages to the exchange build with checkmk 2.1

Hi @ll,

i have a problem uploading mkp packages to the exchange that were created with checkmk 2.1.
I tried the builds with the docker containers 2.1p1 and 2.1p6.

It seems, that the info(.json) files in the mkp lack the num_files parameter.
If i upload the same package to a 2.0p26, and rebuild the mkp there, everything works fine.

The error message i receive during upload is : The structure of the file is invalid.

Any ideas ?



Exactly the same problem here. Help ?

At the moment it looks like only the workaround @aeckstein mentioned will help. Upload the mkp to a 2.0 instance and export the package again from there.

Maybe @baris.leenders can help here?

We’ll fix it in the next days.
It seems num_files is no longer required in 2.1. We either remove it completely as a required field or only make it required for MKP’s built on 2.0 or lower.

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thank you for the quick reply Baris !

We have removed the required property num_files. You should now be able to upload MKP’s created on Checkmk 2.1.x

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Nice, thank you @baris.leenders